How to get at “Researchers night” event?

The Academy of Sciences of Moldova is established on the 1, Stefan cel Mare Ave, corner of Ciuflea Street. The main entrance is from the Stefan cel Mare Ave. ( “Chisinau” hotel).

You can reach us:
On a taxicab:You have two options: You can signal a taxi on the street or call ahead for one. There are multiple taxi companies. When you call for taxi service, you only need to say where you are and where you wish to go, and leave a phone number. A taxi usually arrives within 5-8 minutes.

By car:The square of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova is on the crossroad of Ciuflea street and Stefan cel Mare Ave. (it is before the rail station, if you come from Botanica sector and after “Moldtelecom” – national telecommunications operator, if you came from Buiucani sector).

Public transportation:
By Bus:

  • Nr.5, 17, 23 - up to ,, Ciuflea’’ Str.
  • Nr.9, 11, - up to ,, Ştefan cel Mare şi Sfânt’’Ave.
  • <br /> - up to ,,C. Negruzzi’’ Ave.

By Troleybus:

  • Nr. 1, 4, 5, 8, 22 up to ,,C. Negruzzi’’Ave.
  • Nr. 2, 18, 28 - up to ,,Ciuflea’’ Str.
  • Nr.14 – up to ,,Ştefan cel Mare şi Sfânt’’ Ave.

By Minibus:

  • Nr. 101, 125, 154 – up to ,,Ştefan cel Mare şi Sfânt’’Ave.
  • Nr.103, 104 (when coming back from the even), 120(when coming to the event) , 122, 165(when coming back from the event), 189- up to ,,C. Negruzzi’’ Ave.
  • Nr.113, - up to ,,Ciuflea’’ Str.